Queensland’s Startup Community Comes of Age.

The inaugural Advance Queensland Innovation and Investment Summit represented a coming of age for the Startup community of my home State. It was the moment that the work of the many contributors to the community came to fruition. It wasn’t the result of a single person, group or body. It was the output of many, over a number of years. Most importantly, it was recognition that there are multiple roles to be played in building a startup ecosystem, but ultimately it must be lead by entrepreneurs.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Innovation Minister Leeanne Enoch deserve credit for supporting the event and developing the narrative around the importance of entrepreneurship. Their recognition of the need to support the building of the community from the bottom rather than imposing an agenda is what will make this sustainable.

Whilst the goal must be creating more successful companies and recycling of entrepreneurs, we shouldn’t doubt that not only is that achievable, but it is happening. The strength of the local community was evidenced by the quality of the speakers and pitches. Real entrepreneurs. Leaders, not feeders. There were those that are building businesses and those that have exited and continue to give to realize a better future for Queensland.

What was also on show was that it’s not all about Brisbane. No one was under the delusion that this all needs to happen only in one location. There is a pool of talent across the State and they need to be included by reaching out to the smaller communities, not expecting them to always come to the centre.

Inclusiveness and diversity are essential. No element of the ecosystem should be excluded from the conversation. It is critical that everyone get involved and continue to contribute on the basis of giving without expecting, paying it forward.

We are building the startup state. No one should underestimate what can be achieved and the absolute imperative for success as we transition from a resource economy to a digital economy.


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